An Introduction

I am an Programming Enthusiast, an Observer by nature, an Explorer by heart, a love for creativity and Innovation – I love to code. I can sit for hours trying to figure out a better way to implement an existing Idea.I strongly believe in the statement ‘change, Adapt and Improvise’. Even though I’m on a hectic schedule, I try to spend at-least an hour on myself and seek the mistakes that is been done in the past and learn from them.

I dream a lot and and strive to make it happen.I’m currently working as a Software Developer.
My biggest dream is to develop a virtual world which would be a blue print of an existing world. A world which would provide a solution to plenty of problems faced on a daily basis. In this era of Internet, publicizing any thought has become a lot simpler. Using the same, I would try to make people aware of what this virtual world would be! So, make sure to drop-by to have a peek on a look-a-like of this virtual world.

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